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Siyaya - Come wild us Testimonial

Posted: 12-06-2015

We've received many positive comments on our youth series Siyaya - Come wild with us, but this testimonial from Christine du Plessis, the People and Coservation Officer of Augrabies National Park who was involved in Siyaya's Augrabies episode, really warmed our hearts at FOP.

"In the past we have always held a nature concert on the second and last night of each group visit. However, for me, since being here at Augrabies, the concerts have always been a huge disappointment (there are obviously one or two exceptions) due to various reasons. So when I updated the Kids in Parks program for this year, I decided to do away with the concerts and held a movies and popcorn evening instead ;) The movies being the Siyaya DvD’s. We got the kids to make origami boxes on their first night and then filled these on the second night with popcorn which we gave to them (as a surprise) to enjoy whilst watching the Augrabies episode and also one of the Addo episodes of Siyaya. It was such a great success! The kids absolutely loved watching the DVD’s, especially as many of them knew the actor’s and actresses in the Augrabies episode and they laughed so much. Some groups spontaneously applauded at the end, having enjoyed it so much and mostly they requested to watch some more episodes.

The Addo episode was chosen as it had the wonderful Emily in, who overcame her fear of crickets and also held the snake in her mouth and did not even get ‘pimples on her skin or feint’ as her fellow actor commented! J Each time I do a Kids in Parks I chose some organism for which the local children have a great fear and then I have an activity which introduces them to this specific creature and then we usually get them to make an origami form of the specific creature. Last year I did owls and this year I chose snakes and therefore Emily and her snake bravery fitted in perfectly J (Emily is just the most amazing young lady!) The Augrabies episode almost served as a summary of much of the information that they had received during their stay, so they thoroughly enjoyed hearing about things that were now known to them and also identifying some of the places to which they had also gone during their visit, eg. Arrowpoint lookout. Without exception every group burst out in laughter as Oompie swings along right into the tree during the intro J These DVD’s really appeal to the learners.
So, THANK YOU to the both of you and all who were involved for creating such a wonderful resource for us to use in the Parks!"

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